Desk and preamps

DDA DMR 12 – 56 Channel split analogue console

Focusrite ISA428 (x2) – with 192kHz digital output

Requisite Audio PAL – valve pre-amp and LA2A style limiter

Audient Mico – 2 channel pre-amp with variphase

Audient ASP880 – 8 channel pre-amp with ADC

BAE 312A (x 2) – API reissue pre-amps

Heritage Jr. (x2) – Neve 1073 reissue pre-amps

Recording hardware and software

Digidesign HD3 – DAW running Pro Tools HD 8.1 and 10.3 (Logic Studio 9, Massive Pack 4, NI Komplete, Melodyne, Soundtoys, Slate, Ozone etc.)

Digidesign HD192 – 16 i/o

Digidesign 96I/0 – 8 i/o

Digidesign 888/24 – 8 i/o

Mac Pro (2.8Ghz quad core) – 8Gig RAM and twin LCD screens plus Magma PCI expansion chassis

Tascam 8516B – 1” 16 track analogue multi-track with DBX noise reduction

Mackie Control Universal – DAW controller

Emagic AMT8 – 8in/ 8out midi interface

Fostex D15 – Timecode DAT recorder

Revox PR99 – 1/4 inch 2-Track tape recorder

Denon DRM740 – 3-Head Cassette recorder


Peluso 2247SE – Vintage Neumann U47 clone

Coles 4038 – Vintage Ribbon mic reissue

Vintage Neumann U87 – Condenser Microphone

Neumann U87ai (x2) – Condenser Microphone

Neumann km184 (x2) – Condenser Microphone

AKG C414XLS (x2) – Condenser Microphones (large diaphragm)

AKG C414XLII (x2) – Condenser Microphones (large diaphragm)

Brauner Phantom – Condenser Microphone

Royer R121 (x2) – Ribbon Microphone

SE electronics R1 – Ribbon Microphone

Beyer MC740 (x3) – Condenser Microphones (6 polar patterns)

Rode NTV – Valve Microphone (Large diaphragm)

Rode NT5 (x2) – Condenser Microphone (small diaphragm)

Rode NT1 – Condenser Microphone (large diaphragm)

AKG C3000 – Condenser Microphone

AKG C568EB – Condenser Microphone

EV RE20 – Dynamic Microphone

Sennheiser E604 (x3) – Dynamic Microphones

Beyerdynamic M88 – Dynamic Microphones

Sennheiser MD421 (x3) – Dynamic Microphones

Shure SM7B – Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57 (x5) – Dynamic Microphones

Shure Beta57 (x2) – Dynamic Microphones

Shure SM58 (x2) – Dynamic Microphones

Electrovoice RE20 – Dynamic Microphone

AKG D112 (x2) – Dynamic Microphones

Audix D6 (x2) – Dynamic Microphones


Avalon VT747SP – Stereo mastering compressor/EQ

Purple Audio MC77 – classic 1176 re-issue

Requisite Audio PAL – valve pre-amp and LA2A style limiter

Empirical Labs Distressor ELX8 (x2) – distortion/compressor

Drawmer 1960 – 2-channel Valve mic preamp and compressor

T.L.Audio 5021 (x2) – 2 channel Valve compressor

T.L.Audio 2011 – 2 channel Valve E.Q./D.I. .

Rane DC24 – multiband (2-band) analogue compressor

Drawmer DS201 – Dual gate

Aphex Type B – Aural exciter

Line 6 Pod Pro XT – Guitar amp simulator

Line 6 Bass Pod Pro XT – Bass amp simulator

Lexicon PCM90 – Digital reverb

Lexicon MPX1 – Multi effects processor

Alesis Air FX – Multi effects processor

Monitors (inc. headphones)

Genelec 1037A – Full range powered monitors

Yamaha NS10M Studio – Nearfield monitors

Dynaudio BM 5 (x 5) – Nearfield surround monitors

Dynaudio BM10s – Active subwoofer

SPL 2480 – Surround Monitor Controller

Sony MDR7506 (x3) – Headphones

Beyer DT770pro (x4) – Headphones

Beyer DT100 (x5) – Headphones

Misc headphones (x15) – plus 3 x 8-way splitter boxes

Blue Systems Canamp – 3 stereo inputs, 6 stereo outputs

Oz Audio Q Mix – 6 way headphone mixer

Instruments and amps

Yamaha UX3 – beautiful sounding upright piano

Yamaha P60            – Fully weighted digital piano

Roland SH101 – Analogue Monosynth

Mapex Saturn – Drum kit with range of toms and Black Panther snare

Yamaha Stage Custom – Drum kit with hardware and range of cymbals

Musicman Sub4 – Bass Guitar

Fender Jazz – Bass Guitar

Fender Baja Telecaster – Electric Guitar

Fender Telecaster (LH) – with custom Seymour Duncan pups

Gibson Les Paul Studio – Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul (LH) – with custom Seymour Duncan pups

Martin DXC1RE – Acoustic Guitar

Martin DXC1RE (LH) – Acoustic Guitar

Stagg electroacoustic mandolin


Marshall Superlead 100 Mk2 (1976) – Guitar amp (and Marshall 1960 cab)

Marshall Master Volume 100 (1978) – Guitar amp (and 4×12 cabinet)

Blackstar HT stage 100 – Guitar amplifier

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe – 40 Watt valve combo

Vox AC30 – vintage spec. valve combo

Mesa Boogie MkIII – 65 Watt valve combo

Orange Tiny Terror – 15 Watt valve combo

Warwick Profet 3.2 – Bass amp with 1×15 cabinet

Palmer Y-box – amp splitter box

Radial pro RMP – re-amping box

AV equipment

Canopus ADVC100 – ADC/DAC video converter

C-lab time machine – House clock plus synchroniser/converter

Sanyo PLV-Z2 – Multimedia projector

Z-plane PPMulator – PPM metering software

Izotope RX4  – Noise reduction and audio repair software