Our staff have many years experience in helping artists to deliver their best performances in what can be a high-pressure environment. This, combined with a large selection of hi-end microphones, pre-amps and outboard, coupled with our acoustically designed and treated rooms guarantees a first class recording experience.

Whilst we love the sound of a band playing live, we also provide an online bespoke recording service for drums and percussion (see details here) along with extensive re-amping possibilities using our range of boutique guitar amplifiers & cabinets


We know how to get the very best from recordings in a wide range of genres and have the very best hardware and software tools with which to do it. We also offer an online mixing service for clients who have recorded elsewhere. Just drop us an email for details and to arrange file delivery.


We use a combination of world class hardware and software to make sure your masters sounds as good as they can on a wide a range of playback systems and various media. We can deliver as MP3/AAC (including Mastered for iTunes), .wav files, Red Book Audio CD, DDP or any combination of the above.

Analogue recording

If you wish to record all analogue, we have a 56-channel analogue desk, a 1”16-track, ¼” 2-track, 14 channels of outboard compression (valve & solid state) as well as various vintage mics and preamps. You can also have the best of both worlds by running through tape directly to Pro Tools, thus keeping the sound of analogue but adding the convenience of digital editing.

Location recording

We have a 24-track mobile recording rig ready to go wherever you want to record. We will visit the location ahead of time to assess the space and ensure it will deliver the correct acoustic performance for your project. We can also recommend suitable venues for larger projects such as orchestras and choirs.

Audio transfers, restoration and archiving

We transfer old analogue masters from reel-to-reel or cassette as well as performing noise reduction and re-mastering onto a range of modern digital formats such as CD and MP3.

Short run CD duplication

Competitive pricing on short runs of 50 or more with a variety of packaging options. Contact us for details.


We specialise in production. Our in-house producers are comfortable working across a variety of genres and we have a long established network of contacts from amongst the very best session players in Ireland to help you realise your vision for your songs.